Passionate about bringing a global perspective to the workplace. Experienced in various types of management including event and facility, though Road to the Horse, and volunteer experience with the Japanese consulate hosting the Cherry Blossom Festival and the South East U.S. Japan Conference. Well versed in, and adaptable to, various forms of technology.

I spent considerable time in college teaching crazy horses that are scared of trash bags and lawn chairs to act like proper grownups so they could do their jobs and win competitions. I love being in the water and some of my favorite water sports include whitewater rafting and kayaking as well as scuba diving. I enjoy martial arts including karate, tai-chi, fencing, and sword fighting, causing my mom to tell everyone she meets that she’s raised a swashbuckler (especially when I’m in my pirate costume). I am into almost every kind of adventure, but do my best to not be reckless about it. I love to travel and I am learning Japanese. These are just the tip of the iceberg of things I am interested in and hope to experience in my life.

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