Voco Vestio

Over twenty years as a designer and costume fanatic recently converged with a simple request for two Renaissance Faire costumes for my daughter and her friend. Before I knew what had happened, I was possessed, obsessed and compelled to create the gowns and doublets that appear on this site.

Each garment is a unique piece of art, a one-of-a-kind exquisite couture creation. All materials and embellishments were carefully hand selected to create the perfect historical effect. Seams are Frenched and bound, hems and details are hand stitched, and visible stitching is kept to a minimum to maintain an authentic period look. Bodice boning eliminates the need for additional undergarments and allows for a very comfortable fit.

These quality pieces of art are for the man or woman who wants to be the only one noticed wherever they go. I realize that the majority of the garments may not be historical recreations, but they are accurate enough to blend beautifully at any Renaissance Faire. You will definitely stand out beautifully at any event in one of my designs.

Each garment is described in the gallery pages and includes the measurements of the piece. Gowns are boned and lace up the back for a comfortable, custom fit. Men's breeches have a buttoned yolk waist with adjustable laces at the back. Buttons may be moved to customize the fit.