Queen's Knight

Springtime in Sherwood

Renaissance Seperates

Even Royalty loves a casual day. These seven separate pieces can be combined in a number of ways to portray everything from royalty in the country, to a wealthy merchant's daughter to a
saucy wench.

Gold and green brocade are combined in the bodice which is edged in gold and green trim. The upper and lower armlets are reversible to give you a variety of looks over the white muslin chemise. Also included is a pouf purse, earrings and pendant.

The bodice laces up the back and both sides with gold cord through grommets to accommodate various sizes. The measurement I have provided is with the bodice panel laced tight.

The waistband on the skirt is generous and the button can be easily repositioned.

Hems are very deep and can be altered for your height.

Bust: 36"
Waist: 30"

$700.00 — Free shipping in U.S.

For questions or to order contact vocovestio@comcast.net.